Welcome to our New Look Website

We thought it might be a nice idea to modernise our garden website and make it more interactive. Hopefully it will evolve and be more interesting for you, the visitor, over time.

Linda and I are hoping we will be able to upload posts and pictures in future, with less assistance from our IT savvy son Paul. As we are novices at this, this will take a degree of patience on his part to train us up!

7 thoughts on “Welcome to our New Look Website

    • Cheers – I’m aiming to add more pictures today as snow stops play again! Yes – let us know if you’re coming up this way, and we can show you what we’ve achieved lately.

  1. Thanks Jean. I’ve spent the whole day looking through pictures, and uploaded quite a number. I don’t have the names for a few including some I think were from you and Tim. It would be great if he could name any where I’ve put cv. only.
    Cheers Rog

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