Visit to RHS Wisley and Esteemed Epimedium Visitors to The Magnolias.

Yesterday, by kind invitation of Colin Crosbie, the Curator of RHS Garden Wisley, Linda and I were taken around Wisley’s various areas, where the garden’s Epimedium collection are growing. As well as Colin, we were guided by Billy, a senior member of the garden staff. En route, we were given pieces of various varieties to add to our collection. One variety we have been aware of for a couple of years is a self sown seedling believed to be a cross between E. platypetalum and brevicornu. It was growing behind a label for an E. platypetalum, which it had appeared to have totally overwhelmed.

The plant grows to around 15 inches high and is covered in tiny yellow and white flowers, giving a charming effect. The picture is of the mangled remains of the plant taken back home, but will hopefully give you an idea of the unusual flowers. At around 5.00am this morning my brain turned on and came up with the name ‘Wisley Imp’. My reasoning was, imps are small as is the plant, and they are also a bit naughty. This one surely is naughty for eating its mother! Colin and Billy thought the name to be apt.

This morning Colin and Billy paid a return visit by coming to us.

They were both surprised by our ‘tardis’ like garden where the front is less than 40 foot square, but the back apears to go on and on. Much time was spent in discussing Epimediums as particularly Colin is also a keen collector. I was able to make his day by giving him a couple of varieties of considerable interest. The visit lasted for more than two hours, which flew past.

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