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    • Cheers – I’m aiming to add more pictures today as snow stops play again! Yes – let us know if you’re coming up this way, and we can show you what we’ve achieved lately.

  1. Thanks Jean. I’ve spent the whole day looking through pictures, and uploaded quite a number. I don’t have the names for a few including some I think were from you and Tim. It would be great if he could name any where I’ve put cv. only.
    Cheers Rog

  2. Hello,
    My name is Gilles and i live in france.
    your bambous are very beautiful.
    Can you tell me if it’s possible for me to buy this bamboo : PHYLLOSTACHYS BAMBUSOIDES KAWADANA (or where can i find it ?)
    PS : Sorry my english are very bad !

    • Hello Gilles,
      Thank you for your comment. Your English is considerably better than my French!
      I bought my Phyllostachys bambusoides ‘Kawadana’ from The Rodings Planter,. http://www.therodingsplantery.co.uk/bamboo.htm . They list it currently from £65.00. I now recall paying that three years ago, making it one of my most expensive plant purchases ever.
      It hasn’t shown a great deal of striping in the canes or variegation in the foliage as yet, but hopefully it will improve as it gets more established.
      Good luck with your search.

  3. My English grandmother had what she called “black trilliums,” and they look like what I can find on your website — very dark purple blossom (almost black), large green leaves with maroon pattern.

    Can you get some to me, all the way over on the west coast of the US???

    • Hi Kate, You are in the best place to obtain these dark flowered Trilliums as they are native to your area of the USA, though you should source the plants from a reputable nurseryman who doesn’t collect from the wild. They take about seven years to flower from seed, so are generally fairly expensive in the UK.

  4. I was looking for inspiration for a south-east facing sunny border and came across your slideshow. Lovely, but there are no names for the plants shown. I recognise some, but not all. Could captions be added? I’m just over the border in Suffolk, just east of Ipswich. Thank you!

    • Thanks for the comment Alison. I’m glad you’ve enjoyed our photos. Unfortunately the slideshow used does not currently show the captions. The pictures are all named though. In each gallery you can hover the mouse over a picture to see the caption, or if you click on a picture it will load a full sized version with a caption beneath. A new version may be coming soon!

  5. What a nice job!
    I grow more than 150 Epimedium here and I’m completely overwhelmed by my divisions and seedlings now…Just like you I think to change completely a part of the garden for them…

    (little clarification, Thierry Delabroye is a very good friend of mine, he’s not Belgian but French. Koen van Poucke and Danielle Monbaliu are the two Belgian Epimedium’s specialist nurseryman & woman, but you know that.)

    • Thank you Groffrey, for your kind commrnts and pointing out my getting Thierry Delabroye’s nationality wrong in the post. I have corrected it now. It is great to hear from another Epimedium enthusiast.
      150 is an impressive collection. You probably know the best three suppliers in mainland Europe. Good luck with your projects. Roger

  6. Looking very smart! We haven’t had any badgers in the garden for many months now, fingers crossed we are now “badger proof”.

  7. The bridge looks fantastic! Much nicer than anything you would have bought I’m sure. Good to see Linda recreating the original pose as well.

  8. What a shame but at least all the other trees survived. I an sure that garden will look lovely in a month or so. Our trees had already been cut back so no real damage. The bird aviary moved but the birds seem OK.

    We went o Port Lyme (eventually!). Stuck for 6 hours at the Dartford Crossing due to accident, broken down lorry and numerous lorries blocking the roundabouts. Missed the `safari` but told the animals stayed indoors anyway. Time of year unfortunately.

    Take care

  9. A very impressive garden. We thoroughly enjoyed ambling round and finding new secret areas.