Some Exciting Additions to our Epimedium Collection.

I mentioned just before Christmas, that I had found a new supplier of unusual Epimediums. They arrived a few days ago and we are pleased with the quality of the plants. The supplier is a nursery called Tuckermarsh Plants and is owned by Mark Fillan down in Devon.

I have given the new plants their ‘posh’ labels with accession numbers, source code and year of aquisition, as you can see in the picture. I am looking forward to their flowering in the spring.

Post Scripts

It would appear that low temperatures will kill off the fronds of Dicksonia antarctica.

My experiment of tying up the fronds to prevent snow from breaking them achieved nothing, except perhaps protecting the crown. All the fronds showed severe damage quickly after the cold snap, and are now all brown.

Having said earlier that we never had problems with Dymo Tape pealing off plastic labels I am now having to admit I have had a serious set back. I have spent a considerable amount of time (and money) producing 156 plant labels on the new black Tee shaped plastic labels to find a significant number of the names are coming away after a short time.

My theory is the Tee labels are of not polystyrene as were all our older plastic labels, where the Dymo stayed on for many years. The Tee ones are polypropylene, which must resist the adhesive. I have been using the same Dymo tapes on normal tie on labels at the same time as the Tee ones, so I don’t think there is a problem with the tapes as they seem to stick well to them.

And Still Freezles!

These wil be the last photos now ’till spring arrives. I’ve been looking through my older digital photos taken on a vintage 2000, Sony Cybershot camera and have uploaded quite a few.

Unfortunately they are a slightly different aspect ratio to my newer camera. If you click between pictures too fast you may miss, so be warned. I missed the icon a couple of times. The colours of pinks and reds are sometimes a bit suspect too, but on balance I thought they were worth posting.

I’m almost out of labels, so have ordered more. I can’t put any out ’till the snow goes and the ground unfreezes. Also I need to be able to see what needs labelling, to Dymo more. Roll on the end of this cold spell!

Still Trapped Indoors

Plenty of snow still left on the ground, so we can’t do a whole lot outside.

I decided to do some fancy labelling (well fairly fancy) Whilst they’re not as good as the engraved type, we have found good old Dymo to stay stuck to plastic labels until the labels have disintegrated due to UV exposure. We have been Dymo-ing for at least 30 years and don’t recall one failing.

For the first time, we are trying approx 3″ x 2″ square polypropylene labels with a moulded on roughly 6″ leg. They are a bit narrow for plant names with two words in them, in the larger type face I’m using, but we think as well as being more expensive the next size up label might be too intrusive.