Post Scripts

It would appear that low temperatures will kill off the fronds of Dicksonia antarctica.

My experiment of tying up the fronds to prevent snow from breaking them achieved nothing, except perhaps protecting the crown. All the fronds showed severe damage quickly after the cold snap, and are now all brown.

Having said earlier that we never had problems with Dymo Tape pealing off plastic labels I am now having to admit I have had a serious set back. I have spent a considerable amount of time (and money) producing 156 plant labels on the new black Tee shaped plastic labels to find a significant number of the names are coming away after a short time.

My theory is the Tee labels are of not polystyrene as were all our older plastic labels, where the Dymo stayed on for many years. The Tee ones are polypropylene, which must resist the adhesive. I have been using the same Dymo tapes on normal tie on labels at the same time as the Tee ones, so I don’t think there is a problem with the tapes as they seem to stick well to them.


Snow stops play in the garden this weekend. At least it has given plenty of free time to work on the website. Meanwhile Linda is making marmalade.

After three years of snow breaking the fronds of our Dicksonia antarctica, tree fern, the new fronds of late were getting fewer and smaller. It seems to me that they need to be on the plant for more than one year to maintain its vigour. Therefore knowing snow was due we have tied up the existing fronds to four stout Chusquea canes and they appear so far to have remained unbroken.